Vendor Feedback


2024 Conference Vendor Survey

Thank you for sharing your feedback! There’s a section at the end to include notes on any specific question or in general about the event. We appreciate you helping to make this event better every year.

How would you rate your experience as a vendor overall?
Were you pleased with the location of the event in Hendricks County?
Having experienced the event at this location now, would you consider bringing more/different equipment or machinery in the future should capacity allow for it?
Did you stay overnight in a hotel? If so, please indicate where at, and if you’re comfortable, please share your nightly rate.
Did you meet new people at this event or do you use this event primarily to continue building connections with current customers?
Would you (or someone from your company) be interested in speaking at a future event?
Do you have technical content in written form that you'd be intersted in sharing for future printed/digital publications from IOWPA?
Please use this space to jot down other general feedback that wasn’t linked to a specific question. If you answered any questions above that would require us to follow up with you, please include your contact information here or email us if you’d prefer not to have your responses identified!
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