Installer and Inspector Certificates

Certificate Programs Offered by IOWPA

  1. Installer Certificate Program: Implemented in 2005 and revamped in 2010 to include continuing education in coordination with the new Indiana State Rule 410 IAC 6-8-3 effective November 19, 2012 and most recently updated in May 2014.
  2. Inspector Certificate Program: Implemented in 2013 with the passing of legislation included in Senate Bill 204, Indiana Code 8-1-2-125 (f) (2).


The objective of the certificate programs is to educate wastewater professionals in regard to the Indiana State Rule 410 IAC, to assure consistent application throughout the state. Both certificates (Installer and Inspector) are for individuals. The certificates are not transferable and only apply to the individual in attendance that passes the exam.

Certificate Details

  • Our certificates are recognized by many counties in Indiana but each county may have their own guidelines.  In counties recognizing installer certificates, the individual holding the certificate must be physically onsite for the installation.
  • IOWPA offers installer certificates for three systems.
    • A: Subsurface Trench Gravity Feed Systems (required for initial certificate)
    • B: Subsurface Trench Flood Dosed Systems (optional)
    • C: Pressure Distribution and Elevated Sand Mounds (optional)
  • IOWPA requires all professionals to earn a minimum of 20 hours continuing education every three years in order to maintain their certificate.  There may be some individual counties that do not require these standards but this is an IOWPA certificate and must be adhered to in order to be in good standing with IOWPA. If the continuing education requirements are not met, the individual will be required to retest.


Onsite Sewage Inspection Forms

IOWPA has also developed Onsite Sewage System Inspection documents as resources for your use — the Inspection Form and the Inspection Summary Report.

*Please note that in summer 2021, IOWPA stopped issuing certificate numbers and instead just manages expiration dates of certificates. Old copies of inspection forms may still have a spot for a number. If you’re a new inspector, please just enter N/A or download an updated copy without that field below.




Visit the Indiana State Department of Health’s Environmental Division/Onsite Sewage Systems Program page which provides detailed information regarding approved technologies.

Certification FAQs

Both certificates (Installer and Inspector) are for individuals. The certificates are not transferable and only apply to the individual in attendance that passes the exam.

Installers are typically experienced contractors who install state approved onsite sewer systems for residential.

Inspectors may be installers, realtors, home inspectors, environmental health officers, etc.

Renewal is required every three years based on IOWPA approved continuing education.

Upon proof of 20 hours of IOWPA approved continuing education and submitting a renewal fee of $25, you may renew your certificate.

If you attend IOWPA sponsored programs and sign the attendance sheet, IOWPA will keep track of your attendance. (Go to CEU Search)

If you attend non-IOWPA sponsored events (WWETT, ISDH, IEHA or Local County Health Department trainings) it is your responsibility to confirm if the meeting host is providing a sign-in sheet AND if they are approved for IOWPA continuing education.

Not typically. All IOWPA educational programs provide credit for both certificate programs. For example, one hour of IOWPA conference education will provide one hour for the Installer’s certificate AND one hour for the Inspector’s certificate. Your hours expire within the renewal periods, so be sure to check the website regularly.

It is based solely on the counties where you install. Many counties now require installers to hold an IOWPA certificate. This list of counties changes frequently. It is best to contact your Local Health Department’s Environmental Health Officer to confirm the requirements the county where you wish to work.

Still have questions?
Please contact the IOWPA office at 317-965-1859 or